Tuesday, November 27, 2012


good morning all .. sorry that have long been updated this blog was that I made a lot assingment. now this day - the last day we all happy .. huuhuu.

entries this time I want to share my experience to go to camp. This camp is attended by students sem 1 only. This is part of our educational curriculum to pass.

This camp taught us some all about ways to save people. eg CPR and bonding.

This camp for 3 days and 2 nights at the KUALA KUBU BARU. even though we all do not sleep, we are spirited to do activities.


Friday, November 16, 2012


good morning to all our bloggers .. we meet again this time. entry at this time all of us classmates on the first time we ate at the most luxurious place in the UITM PUNCAK ALAM..

this picture when we all want to go the pendeta cafe.. everyone was excited to going there...

this all picture that we buy at there.

me with ice lemon juice
the price is rm1.80 only..

bazilah with ice milo and wanie with ice manggo
the price is same with me just rm1.80.

this the food that i eat.
nasi goreng kampung
rm4 .00 only.. \
very delicious.
the grilled chicken @ chicken chop
the price is rm8.00.
 all students here are already aware of the place. The cafe is actually for students of hospitality courses from UITM SHAH ALAM to make practical there. The cafe is a PENDETA CAFE.. the main reason we ate there was because we had gained the PTPTN money ....

we all posing before eat..

and this the last picture when we arise at top of 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


we meet again .. for this time of my entry about my housemate. is indeed we all had no work to do. so this kind of behavior we all. This is indeed abstention if we have the hold the camera. is is indeed full fill of the camera with all of our pictures.

the shirt actually shirt during the week students destiny (MDS), but we've just got it from the seniors. already new clothes, still beautiful and, of course we try. various actions we do. is a part-time model variety did I see us. hahahaa it for our evening together. THANZ TO PHOTOGRAPHER IZZATI AND YASMIN. sory your picture do not in entry. next time we do this activities again. 


 it was night time, this was our action. we all of makeup right by the professional of makeup. hahaha. might have been a part-time job is as a make-up. now turn our faces anyway. here's the result after the of makeup right. thanks to ayien because has beautify the our face that this that are already beautiful. hahaha.


thanz everyone. seriously i enjoy this time. this time we laugh loudly until the guys in front our house shokedly.  

hi everyone. we meet again. this time I want to talk about when I come home two weeks ago.

ticket bus from klang sentral to terengganu
must be weird why I want to come home in the middle of learning this weeks right???
 emmm. because of my parents, this year will go to the holy land of Mecca to perform the pilgrimage. so before they left, I want to meet them first.

my father wearing blue shirt and right side is my uncle.
 really miss them. so to my parents, safe perform the pilgrimage and hopefully get a mabru and safe haj back to terengganu again.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

gateway to excellent

PTPTN submission finish, there is another program for business management students is GATEWAY TO EXCELLENT. if it's too surprising that the program name so there must be lectures right. This program handled by the seniors. This program began on for two days as well. all other students on vacation, but we'll have to come and get involved in this program. This is unfair.

"This is not just unfair to him
This is not just unfair to me
This is not fair for you not to attend this program
Not fair not fair to him. "

oppps!!!! sorry heheehe

but for the second day held Explorace for all business management students

me and housemate going to explorece
 groups divided according to their own likes. is why, in my group one friend I was there, so I was alone. initially feel like not to get involved. but when had to briefing feel very best

me with our present
 I was the little group and only one male. that is why my team win. will no two ok.

submission ptptn

Today is the busiest day for me and my friends. just a little busy than usual. This day is a day of submission of the application letter PTPTN.

 going through today, we all went through several challenges. various problems to finish this letter right. Among them are letters no confirmation stamp, lecturers do not want to stamp, and many more. but the worst is, the boy's class I can did no revenue stamps. how is he going to do had to skip class out to buy stamps. want to send this letter instead of a apply a little, but I think all semester graduate students who apply. meaning many are right. PTPTN submission counters open for two days only. first come first serve it can be. so, for the first day we all do not have the opportunity. 

tired of waiting

The second day we tried. finally finished already submission the letter PTPTN. remain long thought process, but only 5 minutes. and now we're just waiting for his money to get in and we can use to buy books, pay for college fees and, more importantly for Eid preparations soon. hahahaah.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

UNIVERSITY TEKNOLOGI MARA CAMPUS PUNCAK ALAM ... near where??? .. I did not know much, so I google the place,, Well!!!  the place is very far away.
and even then had to palm oil plantations, but this UITM PALAM have its own distinction .. try and guess if you had good ... . Hah!!!!!! The answer is uitm plug the same stairs Batu Caves.

Time in minds that, the longer I sit here only the will certainly live bone.
First of all the activities carried out by the senior must be right orientation week .. so no one is immune to, including me. Tired does not have to say, a week is not properly bath, normal is right.

This time is I found two friends from matriculation. Finally there is also not me alone .. . From there we was close. He did the same course with me. they also become classmates.
me and noor alia syudaha
my classmate BM224A1

waiting for teacher coming

intimately with the new classmates. with housemate no need to be a story.

me with new matrik card.

noor ain my housemate. next room only. 20 years old. 

nurul izzati. my roomate. same ages from matriculation Banting.

shikin. fom Terengganu. hehehe. same age but diffrent course. she pharmacy student.

sorry for other. no timing for upload your guys picture. Our intimately until the house next to stunned. why???? for two weeks new know it and it'll laugh. not weird to it. we started just shy. after the expiration of the orientation week we started talking. until not stop. there just wanted to tell stories. hahahaa.but sadly, I still remember matriculation.

adaging forever!!!!!!

a6t9 the best. although with three boys.
dinner alkindi. "A NIGHT TO REMEMBER"
beautiful with drees.
trip to LANGKAWI. have fun together. hope we can going again with
more budgets.
my lovely friend. aimi and farah. they still together at UUM but me
far away from them.. miss u so much.
  miss them all. a lot of experience there. you all the best. but had forgotten memories. because right now there are already new friends, new housemate, new lecturers. everything is new. university students so definitely a fun. class already only a little bit,
my time table. but still no have lecturer to business law and account

.  not a timetable very compact. but the most laziness of all is the extra-curricular time. I'm here join civil defense department.

 one of the reasons I entered the civil defense department because I want to stay college next year and beyond. I got the news from senior SISPA students will be given priority to continue to stay colleges. want to stay this college was difficult. because we should was always active. we should collect coupons to show that we are active and we are finally able to stay this college.